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John Walterson  8.00 9.00

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John Walterson 1 reviews Reviewed Jan - Jun 2011 Published 23 Feb 2011
2 Hours or less in London Hotel.
Juliet is a GGFE - just a gorgeous girl friend experience. She is bright, knowledgeable, modest, intuitive and fun to be with. I did enjoy my two hours with her and the time flashed by so quickly. She is sociable, obviously likes people, and the meeting was full of gentle lovely delicious sexuality, punctuated with exciting climaxes. I liked her a lot, and not only for the intimacy we shared. She is sexy but not in a vulgar sort of way, lovely looking, dresses well. She is tall, and busty, comes across as a modern woman confident in herself, but able to listen, and to tune in, and to enjoy her relationships. Look forward to seeing her again. (Looks 8.00; Service 9.00)